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Our Collaborative & Transparent Process

We engage the homeowners throughout the journey to ensure the final product is a reflection of everything they have envisioned. The process starts with an informal meeting to understand our clients wants and needs. We develop an estimate which reflects the client’s budget and desired design of the home. Once the homeowner is comfortable with the estimate, construction plans are set. The client is involved throughout the process, making final decisions on materials, products, and building methods. We value transparency and employ an open book policy.

We value transparency and employ an open book policy.

These are our core operating principles:

  • We price our homes on a cost-plus percentage fee basis. Operate on an open book policy. All costs and fees are fully disclosed to clients.
  • On a given project, we go through several rounds of bids. The homeowner participates throughout the process, ensuring that the homeowner is comfortable with the plans, specifications, and budget.
  • We develop teams of subcontractors that are the best fit each project.
  • We bill only for completed work. Hage Homes manages all materials and invoicing. All lien waivers are supplied by Hage Homes before next billing cycle.
  • Final construction contract is not signed by homeowners until blueprints are finalized, materials are selected, and budget is solidified.
  • High-level of engagement with homeowners, Kerry is highly involved with all aspects of all projects.

We work with some of the best architects & designers in Minnesota.

The quality and craftsmanship of our projects are always of the highest caliber, and we feel that our homes truly come to life when working with a good architect. Architects are masters of space utilization. In most cases, a well-designed space brings much more satisfaction to our clients than simple square footage.

We have a proven track record with many of Minnesota’s best architects and designers. We rely on architects to be the creative vision of a project, and we work with them to bring our clients’ intention and goals to life. We work fluidly with award-winning architects and designers throughout the entire building process, continually ensuring that the home is infused with thoughtful and meaningful design. Our goal is to create an intimate, inspirational, and collaborative experience between our craftsmen, architects, designers, and clients.

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